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Zoning permits are required for all additions, accessory buildings, pools or fences. A copy of the zoning regulations is available at the Village Office, the Evergreen Community Library and on the village web-site. Permit applications can be obtained online or at the village office. Jeff Pawlaczyk, the Zoning Inspector and can be reached through the office @ 419-644-2051.
Zoning Permits

Click on the map or the link below to download a full copy of the Village of Metamora Zoning Code.

Zoning Codes
Zoning Map
Zoning Codes By Section
(Click the link to view the specific code)
100 Scope and Application
200 Rules of Construction
300 Districts and General Provisions
400 Use Regulations
500 Manufactured Home District
600 Special Provisions for Commercial and Industrial Use
700 Minimum Dimensional Requirements
800 Home Occupations
900 Swimming Pools
1000 Signs and Outdoor Advertising Structures
1100 Non-Conforming Uses
1200 Fences
1300 Off Street Parking Requirements
1400 Planned Unit Development (PUD)
1500 Administration and Enforcement
1600 Amendment Procedure
1700 Penalties
1800 Planning Commission
1900 Board of Zoning Appeals
2000 Fee For Zoning Certificate

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